Seal Installation

Easy to install instructions available for all seal applications

  • Easy to Install on SAE or JIC fitting.
  • Installation details available for all types.

Step 1

Flared Fitting Leaking 
  • Examine fitting for over torque damage and cracks.
  • If fitting can be reused, proceeed to Step 2.

Step 2

Open Fitting
  • Loosen fitting and dissassemble.
  • Check for excessive damage and cracks.
  • If fitting can be reused, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3

Seal Install
  • Choose the correct seal for the fitting and application.
  • Refer to the Flaretite website or discuss with our technical team.
  • Clip the seal into place.

Step 4

Fitting Assembly
  • Assemble the fitting.
  • Titghen and torque to manufacturers settings of the fitting.