Flaretite Seal

The Flaretite Seal is a metal stamping, designed with multiple, concentric sealing rings.

The entire seal is coated with a dry-to-the touch, baked-on Loctite sealant. When inserted into a fitting, the

concentric rings form multiple seals down the face of the fitting flare.

Torqtite Wrench

The Torqtite Wrench is and accurate and adjustable torque wrench providing a tactile, audible indication of torque threshold.

This economical, quality production tool is perfect where precsion torque settings are paramount.

Evolving higher pressure and more demanding duty cycle hydraulic systems exposed the metal to metal flare sealing face weakness of flared fittings making it very difficult to obtain a permanent leak free flared type fitting joint. Flared Fitting LeakIt has become the norm to expect a flared fitting to leak from misaligned flare fittings, during forging, flared surface damage and scratches or leakage caused by vibration in the field.

The entire seal is coated with a dry-to-the-touch, baked-on Loctite™ sealant. When inserted into a fitting, the concentric rings form multiple seals down the face of the flare, while the Loctite coating fills minor imperfections, dramatically increasing the integrity of the fitting. New ISO and NFPA standards strongly recommend seals for all fittings.

The sealing rings prevent environmental debris and aggressive cleaning solvents from attacking the sealing face while the Loctite™ protects the face from fretting, galling and over-tightening. And unlike ORFS fittings, the Flaretite Seal will not fail during a fire, allowing atomized hydraulic oil to fuel the fire.

  • Fits all standard JIC & SAE flare fittings, hydraulic and pneumatic!
  • Protects against weeping on new and damaged fittings!
  • Creates a perfect "Leak-Free" clip-on seal, Guaranteed!
  • Complies with the latest International standards!

Independently tested by Eaton’s Aeroquip hose & fittings division to one million high pressure square wave pulse cycles on badly scored JIC flared fitting faces without failure, this design, which easily installs by simply clipping over the male flare section, makes Flaretite Seals the single best choice “compliant seal” flared type fitting permanent leak free fix.

Having proven performance with some of the Worlds most difficult to seal flared fitting applications Flaretite is available for use in 37° and 45° flared fittings.

Manufacture of Flaretite Seals is based in Flaretite’s head office in Brighton Michigan.


The Result

The Flaretite Seal is a permanent, "Leak-Free" connection, which exceeds the performance of today's ORFS fittings, and at significantly lower cost. Our seal maintains the low profile, versatility, and world-wide availability of flared fittings.

Flared connections fitted with Flaretite Seals are today's answer to low cost, high integrity, "Zero-Leak" fittings, while complying with new international standards. This unique seal may be fitted to JIC, SAE fittings. The introduction of the Flaretite Seal eliminates the weakness in the original flare design. Flaretite's approach to the global market is to target sales to national distributors and OEM's worldwide. Sales offices are based in the USA and Australia.